Teams You Want for Fantasy

Fantasy football is a great way to let off steam, believe us. Some of the best fantasy players in the league are in the East and we’ve got the scoop on which teams to watch next year. Keep your on during playoffs – you’re going to want to make notes.
Carolina Panthers: Everyone’s dream quarterback Cam Newton will be back next year for a fresh start. Averaging over 30 fantasy points a game Cam’s a great pick for anyone interested in flying under the radarNOT!
Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons have had a sloppy finish this year but that doesn’t mean they should be discounted. They’re likely to get a pretty good draft pick next year and they’re always a breeding ground for underreported talent so look out for a wide receiver or running back of note.
Tampa Bay Bucs: If Tampa Bay doesn’t move (kidding!) they’re going to have an uphill battle next year. The good news is that makes them an easy pick for fantasy players in the draft and when these boys are on they’re really, really on.