Chad Henne: Is He The Answer For Miami

The Miami Dolphins have had some legends at the quarterback position namely Bob Griese and Dan Marino and Dolphins fans were spoiled at all the success these two quarterbacks brought to the franchise. After Marino retired, it has been tough for the Dolphins to find a consistent quarterback. When Chad Henne was drafted out of Michigan, many people thought this could be the answer for the Miami Dolphins.

Henne had a brilliant career in Michigan where he was consistent and always seem to make the plays when he had to. Get more information . At Michigan Henne accumulated 32 wins in regular season play, and had 8,740 offensive yards, along with 87 touchdowns. Very impressive numbers and you can see why Dolphins fans were excited when they grabbed him on draft day. The problem is he has not even come close to the expectations everybody had for him. Many are wondering is Chad Henne the answer for Miami.

In the NFL Chad Henne has been very inconsistent. At times, he will look very good, but will make the crucial mistake that kills a team. Henne in three years in Miami has started 27 games and been sacked 56 times and thrown 33 interceptions and only 27 touchdowns. Not exactly, what the Miami Dolphins faithful had hoped for at this point in his career. Miami fans are getting restless and Henne is hearing a lot of boos which cannot help his confidence.

Chad Henne right now does not look like the answer for the Dolphins. The problem the Dolphins have is they have no one else to turn to right now. The back-ups are not much better, so for bad or worse it looks like Chad Henne temporary will be the Dolphins quarterback. He may not be the long-term answer, but for now, it is all the Dolphins can put under center at this moment.