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1871 witnessed a pivotal moment for the game of football, as two groups of clubs convened in London to establish a codified version. The resulting names, "Rugby Football" and "Association Football," spawned the abbreviated terms "rugger" and "soccer" respectively. However, while the latter became widely used in the United States, it gradually fell out of use in England. To unravel this intriguing phenomenon, researcher Szymanski delved into British news archives from the early 20th century onwards, analyzing the frequency of the words "football" and "soccer" in an effort to uncover the reason behind this linguistic shift.

American football is the top sport in the United States, with the NFL overseeing the professional teams in a 17-week season. Divided into two conferences, the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference, the NFL culminates in the highly anticipated Super Bowl, often considered the most viewed television event of the year.